After the season of fun and sparkle that Christmas brings, here comes January which seems to put my kids in a selfish what’s-next-for-me funk! So when the first day of February hit, I initiated a “Love Each Other Bootcamp.”

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Love Each Other Bootcamp

Melissa Cheatham

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This month-long exercise made us do special things for the people that we tend to take advantage of the most. It added extra words of kindness to our days that fed our hearts and created habits in my children that lasted way beyond February.

Who We Are

In His graciousness, we are two friends, mothers, entrepreneurs, and wives that set out to create a voice of inspiration for women across the world. Unlikely friends, whispering together to the world that there is more because ladies…there is…the free life awaits.

About the author

Melissa Cheatham

Hey there! I’m Melissa.

I am a small town farm girl who now lives in the “big city,” helps my amazing hubby run an educational company, and homeschools our three kids, initially because it fit our lifestyle and now because it fits our people.

When I think about my current days, sometimes they make me laugh! There are a lot of days when I think my little circus here is on the crazy side, but let’s be honest…. we all have a lot of regular, long days. Here is where I want to park my thoughts and my time….to find the extraordinary moments I might be missing in the ordinary days, to see what Jesus is sharing with me by learning from the pause. This is what I want to share with you.

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